about us

Our History

Oil Meter Sistemi was founded in 1993 following many years of experience in ISOIL. The objective was to provide clients with fully integrated solutions which include hardware, software and services. In particular, our clients, especially those in the oil industry, should have one partner capable of supplying turn-key solutions.


Oil Meter Sistemi’s main goals are the design and create Terminal Automation Systems (TAS). Each solution is personalized on the basis of each client’s specific needs and is the result of a close relationship with each individual client.


The idea, right from the start, is to satisfy each client’s specific needs providing him with a single interface be it for hardware or for software. As time has gone by, Oil Meter Sistemi’s share of the TAS market has grown due to our constant collaboration with our clients and our ability to propose innovative solutions. We have become a market leader in and out of Italy.


Today, Oil Meter Sistemi is part of the ABACOO consortium which allows us to provide integrated 360 degree solutions and services where each company contributes with their specific expertise, be it instrumentation, hardware, software, network management for fuel depots and refineries.