OIl Meter is capable of delivering a system composed of both hardware and software. Oil Meter can supply “standard” hardware such as PCs, Notebooks, … or specialized hardware such as number plate readers, … The objective is to supply “turn key” solutions that garantee an optimized solution for the client.


We supply servers made by the major producers. We can take care of the installation and configuration of any hardware supplied.

For more than 10 years Oil Meter Sistemi is a partner of Stratus for there fault-tollerant servers


Specialized Periferials
In order to provide a complete solution Oil Meter also supplies, installs and confiugures specialized periferals. These periferals such as number plate readers, finger print readers,… are an integral part of our turn key solutions.

The specialized periferals that OilMeter can supply include:

  • Magnetic badge readers
  • Proximity badge readers
  • Biometric badge readers (finger print readers) for driver recognitio
  • Number plate readers for truck identification
  • Carbon copy printers

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