Our Helpdesk service is active from Monday to Friday during work hours.

When a client has a problem he calls the Hepldesk. A technician analyzes the problem together with the client and decides if the problem can be resolved over the phone, connecting to the client’s system or if it corrective on site maintenance is required.

This service is active during office hours (normally from 08:30 to 17:30):

  • Training novice operators
  • Helping operators with the operating procedures in our systems
  • Helping operators to manage difficult or complicated situations
  • Assisting operators with changes to system configuration
  • Minor bug fixing
  • Management/changes to user profiles
  • Assisting operators when they have difficulty managing loads
  • Data extraction and ad-hoc reports on historic data

The periodic (usually monthly) activities are:

  • Checking integrity of the archives
  • Analysis of error and log files
  • Monitoring of resources used by the system

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