Large Depots – VEGA Plus ™

Large Depots – VEGA Plus ™

VEGA Plus™ is Oil Meter’s solution for large depots. The package is feature packed and can be tailored to each client’s needs. The solution can work standalone but more often than not is integrated with existing third party systems.

VEGA Plus™ is a feature packed Terminal Automation System. It’s main features are:

  • Device integration
    Oilmeter can integrate just about any device into the system (all you have to do is ask).
  • Order Management
    Orders can entered directly into the system or, as in most cases, we receive them from a third party system.
  • Bill of Lading
    The bill of lading can be produced by VEGA PlusTM or the load details can be sent to a third party system for printing.
  • Access Control
    Access control means controlling vehicle and pedestrian access using state of the art technology to read driver/pedestrian fingerprints and cameras to read number plates. The system makes sure that only those that are authorized can enter and leave the depot.
  • Loading Operations
    VEGA PlusTM loads and unloads trucks, trains and ships. The loading and unloading operations can be controlled by weight or volume.
  • Tank Management
    Tank management is about certifying tank levels and product densities, opening and closing tanks, managing tank levels, blending and additives.
  • System allarm / event log
    The alarm and event management records what happens in the field and what the users do. i.e. when a device goes offline or online or when a user performs some operation from the Supervisor Program.
    It is possible to interrogate the Allarm/Event log using various filters such as: time, alarm or events, alarm/event groups and codes.
  • Truck & Driver Management
    It is important that the information regarding drivers and trucks is up to date. The information about the drivers can be personalized and driver’s license expiry date, certification expiry dates and permits expiry dates. Similarly the information regarding trucks can be personalized too and includes truck registration expiry date, insurance e permit expiry dates. It is also possible to scan the documentation and keep it online.
  • User Management and profiles
    The Oil Meter TAS system allows the system manager to create user profiles and have full control over who does what and when. For example an order that has an additive out of tolerance could be terminated by a experienced operator and not by a junior operator.
  • Supervision
    The TAS Supervisor program allows the user to monitor what is happening in the depot and constantly monitor workflow. This graphical interface allows the operator to do some operations such as block loading, disable a loading arm, etc…
  • Report Management
    The TAS system has a rich suite of standard reports that can be personalized on the basis of customer requirements
  • Driver Booking and queue management

VEGA PlusTM is a very flexible system and is easy interface new device. Currently the system interfaces the following devices and more:

  • Electronic presets
  • Additive presets/controllers
  • Traffic cameras for number plate recognition
  • Fingerprint reader
  • RFID and magnetic card reader
  • Load rack controller

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