Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management

Oil Meter’s Mantainence Management system is normally used to keep track mantainance of planned and performed on many devices which can be installed one or many sites.

Normally the system is used to manage electronic presets and associated devices in petrol depots and/or refineries.


The system allows:

  • Registration of the devices installed on a site and the relationship between the various device (e.g. electronic presets connected to a load rack controller).
  • Registration of mantainence/controls performed on devices
  • Prepare documentation showing the results La preparazione di documentazione come verbali e/o esito prove
  • An archive which contains the history of deivces installed

The main functionality of the system are:

  • Site and device configuration
  • Register of controls / mantainence
  • Calender for programmed maintainence/controls
  • Management of lead seals
  • Management of device proving procedures