Medium Sized Depots – VEGASIS EL

Medium Sized Depots – VEGASIS EL

VEGASIS EL is Oil Meter’s solution designed specifically for medium sized depots. The functionality includes truck loading and unloading but doesn’t include functionality such as access control and oithers that are available in VEGA PLUS™.


Normally the system is standalone however it can interface third party systems to receive loads and to print the fiscal documentation.

VEGASIS EL’s functionality includes:

  • Truck, driver, … detail management
    It is possible to register the details of drivers, trucks, products, additives, recipes and badges
  • System configuration
    It possibile di configure loading arms, products or recipe dispensed by the loading arms, the hardware interfaced by the system (elettronic presets, card readers, …).
  • Graphical User Interface
    The GUI allows the user to have an overview of what is happening the depot as well as seeing the details for a single loading bay
  • Load Management
    Creating loads or receiving them from third party systems
  • System alarm / event log
    The alarm and event management records what happens in the field and what the users do. i.e. when a device goes offline or online or when a user performs some operation from the Supervisor Program.
    It is possible to interrogate the Alarm/Event log using various filters such as: time, alarm or events, alarm/event groups and codes
  • Report Management
    The systems can produce several reports summarizing the loading activity during the day. The first is a balance between the totalizers at the start and the end of the day compared with the amount loaded as the sum of the loads.
    The second report shows the amount loaded during the day for each product.

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