Product Transfer – VEGA TRAS

Product Transfer – VEGA TRAS

VEGA TRAS has been designed to manage and monitor product transfer to or from the depot as well as within the depot. The system is well suited to any depots of any size. The system manages transfers between tanks and can control blending during the transfers.


VEGA TRAS can work standalone or can be integrated into one of Oil Meter’s TAS systems.

VEGA TRAS’s main functionality is:

  • Database managment and system configuration
    It is possible to configure pipes, tanks, products, recipes and the hardware such as remote io and electronic presets.
  • Transfer management
    It is possible to program the following types of transfer: open or preset based to load ships. It is possibile to update a transfer data (i.e. product density) during the transfer. It is also possible to declare the end of a transfer even if the required amount hasn’t been transfered.
  • Automatic transfers
    If the system notices that product is moving on a transfer line it will create an automatic transfer. The information necessary to complete the transfer can added during or even after the transfer has been completed.
  • Blending
    In line Blending. It is possible to program the electronic preset to do blending. This can be done with any transfer, be it leaving or coming into the depot.
  • Exporting data
    It is possible to export the transfer data so that it can be imported into another system or simply inserted into a spreadsheet.
  • Security
    The system creates an event / alarm log. The system manages user profiles.
  • Supervision / Reports

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